National Poetry Month 2018 | Days 21-25

This April, I read one poem per day to celebrate National Poetry Month! I asked you for recommendations, compiled a list of the most promising-sounding works, and had great fun with this project! This is the fifth of what will eventually be six updates, with thoughts about five poems in each post.

The last few weeks were really busy for me, between catching up on work I missed when I was sick and prepping for finals. But I turned in my last final project (in Transnational Feminism) yesterday and have only a short, fun extra credit assignment left for another class, so I’m feeling pretty relaxed now. So it’s time to finish up my poetry posts!


P.S. Check out my earlier National Poetry Month ’18 posts here.


To His Lost Lover

Simon Armitage

I adored this lengthy catalog of the ordinary intimacies couples share – or don’t share, as the case may be – with one another. It reminded me just how important it is to tell the people close to you that you love them.


Night Mail

W.H. Auden

Love me some Auden! It was really cool how he kept shifting between rhyme and no rhyme here. I really need to read more of his work… maybe I’ll make some time for that this summer. Anyone know of any good collections I should check out?


Sonnet XXV

William Shakespeare

Took me a while to puzzle this one out… in fact, I ended up looking it up online! Basically, he’s saying that fame is fleeting but love is immortal? Awwww. It’s fun to branch out to some of the lesser-known sonnets.


One Girl


Couldn’t tell you what this poem was ABOUT if my life depended on it, but I loved the imagery of the natural world and that’s all that really matters.


Mad Girl’s Love Song

Sylvia Plath

I’ve read Plath before, but not very much, so I’m still pretty new to her work. It’s hard to put into words how this poem connected with me. I reveled in her use of language, I guess. It just has such a momentum and is playful while also somehow deadly serious?

To be honest, I kinda wanted to not like this bc she was uhhhh… an unsavory person IRL, to put it mildly. But damn, this is good. Just don’t wanna have her as a role model for SO many reasons.


Have you read any of the poems mentioned here, or any by the same authors? Do you have any recommendations for further reading for me based on these works – a sort of “if you liked that, try this” thing? And how did you celebrate National Poetry Month?

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