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Hey there! I’m back again with another tag found on YouTube. Today’s is all about imagining what your ideal circumstances would be! So, um, basically daydreaming? I’m here for that. I am SO here for that.

You can find more information about this tag here.


I’d sleep…

A solid eight hours every night – no ifs, ands, or buts. I would wake up actually feeling refreshed and I’d never have an antidepressant-induced nightmare again!

I’d never…

Please, don’t let me be mentally ill anymore. Full stop.

I’d wear…

Pretty dresses would be nice. So would suits tailored to fit people as tiny as me. But in the end, what I want more than anything is a pair of jeans that accommodates both the size of my hips and the length of my legs. Right now, anything that works with my hips is guaranteed to be a good four or six inches too long in the leg region, so I have to cuff the bottoms. I mean, that’s no big deal since that’s in style at the moment anyway, but it sure would be great to put on something that fits as is without having to put any extra effort in.

My hair…

I wish my hair grew faster because aaaa I love wearing it short but I ALSO love when it’s long enough to put up into pretty hairstyles! Is having hair that grows as fast as Harry Potter’s too much to ask for?

My kids…

Would be nonexistent! My parents will be getting grandcats, #sorrynotsorry.

My house…

I’d love a little place, a tiny two-story box. I’ll fill it with bookshelves and succulents and comfy chairs. White with blue shutters or blue with black shutters would be lovely. Also, I’ve always wanted a house with dormers, so let’s make that happen.

If I ever want to afford one, though, I’ll have to stop eating so much avocado toast.

My car…

I don’t foresee myself owning one any time soon, tbh. (How’s that for millennial realism?) But this is supposed to be a tag about my perfect world, after all, so… how about a VW Bug? They’re freakin adorable.

I’d live…

I don’t think I’d like living in the hustle and bustle of a big city, but I don’t want to live out in the middle of nowhere either. I would love to be close enough to walk into town for groceries, library books, dinners out, and the like.

I’d prefer not to continue living in the US. Ireland is beautiful and I’d love to return someday. Australia or New Zealand would be interesting choices, but I’m really not sure how quickly I’d adjust to the flip in seasons.

I’d eat…

I’m neither allergic to anything nor a picky eater, so I don’t actually have any specific foods in mind here. More than anything, I want more patience for cooking! I love to make my own food and generally find it relaxing, but I can also be easily frustrated when something doesn’t go right. I’ll eat anything – I just want the physical process of cooking to be 100% relaxing 100% of the time!

My significant other…

Eeeeeeeee can’t wait to have a gosh dang wIFE! I hope she’s a writer like me, although I’d be happy as long as she was involved in some sort of creative pursuit. I definitely see myself meeting* her through some type of writerly or artsy activity. Looking forward to smooching her cute face all the time oh god I’m such a lesbian…

*Or maybe I’ve already met her??? Now there’s a thought for you.


I’m tagging:

And as always, feel free to participate whether or not I tagged you. (Or ignore this tag, if you so choose.)


What would have to change for YOUR world to be perfect? I’d love to know; we can compare notes!

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2 Responses to The Perfect World Tag

  1. Shanti says:

    This was so cute, Elizabeth! and you should definitely move to NZ, at least for a while–though the media here is really small. There’s a New Zealand geographic though. And speaking as someone who has done it lots of times, you get used to the seasons. Also, I love the description of your future house–it sounds very you!

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