The I Love Sleep Tag

Hey there! Found this tag on a tumblr that aggregates popular YouTube tags and decided it might be fun to do on my own blog. I loooooooove sleep. It’s very near and dear to my heart!

Now let’s get started, before I get tired or something.

P.S. The picture above is a 1995 poster I found in one of the many editions of National Geographic my parents have accumulated over the decades… for the past few years, it’s hung on the wall above my bed at college! I love it so much.

What is your routine before going to sleep?

My ideal routine or my actual routine? Because on days where I’m kicking ASS at this whole adulthood + responsibility thing, I stop using all my digital devices at nine and quit doing homework at ten.

My goal is to be in bed by 10:30-10:45 and asleep by 11, but that doesn’t always work out. Sometimes I check my phone while in bed or work until the wee hours of the morning… but I’ve gotten better at not doing that!

I’m a nighttime shower-er (fight me), so I quickly clean myself up and then it’s into PJs for me.

What do you do when you can’t sleep?

I check my phone, sadly. I wish I could say I made better use of my time by reading a book or something, but usually I just laugh at memes on the Internet. If I can be bothered to extricate myself from the softness and warmth of my blankets, I’ll make chamomile tea to calm me down.

What is your favorite sleeping position?

I’m a side/stomach sleeper, in that I usually start by lying on my side and gradually fidget around while dozing off until I’m more on my stomach. I don’t know. It’s very comfortable. And I’ve always got one leg pulled up real high, like the guy labeled B in this picture.

What can I wake you up for?

Short of a fire alarm or tornado siren? Cats, I suppose. Bring me a cat and I’ll consider getting up, although I may just let the cat burrow into the blankets with me.

Telling me one of my long-distance friends I haven’t seen in forever was there would wake me up in an instant, too. I MISS THEM !!!

What time does your alarm clock go off?

7 AM! I never used to be an early riser and I’m still not a huge fan of mornings, but I get so much more done this way. Plus, sleeping in generally makes my depression feel worse and if I get up in a bad mood that often dictates how the rest of my day is going to go.

What time do you go to bed?

As I said above, I aim for 11 PM. During the school year, and especially before midterms and finals, that’s sometimes pushed back to midnight or even later. But I try to keep nights like that to a minimum because sleep is important! I know I won’t do my best work if I’m exhausted!

Snooze or getting up instantly?

I have to get up instantly, tbh, or else I’ll never ever ever get out of bed because the blankets will accept me as one of their own.

Do you sleep in on the weekends?

Yes and no. I try not to… and I’m successful at that probably 2/3 of the time. Keeping a regular sleep schedule makes you feel more rested, I’ve heard? And I don’t want to waste all that free time I don’t have on weekdays!

What kind of weird stuff do you do while you are asleep?

My current roommate once said I laughed in my sleep and I told her I was probably having a dream about a funny meme.

How many pillows do you have?

One regular-sized pillow, two smaller ones, and a veritable family of stuffed animals.

What do you wear to bed?

During the summer, usually PJ shorts and an old T-shirt. In the winter, I wear fleecy pajama tops + bottoms. My roommate got me dinosaur footie pajamas and they’re the bomb dot com.

Do you sleep with or without socks?

With! Don’t judge me. #hyggelife #hyggeislife

How big is your bed?

My bed at home is a twin and my dorm bed is an extra-long twin. (To accommodate the freakishly tall, I guess? At 5’2″, I don’t exactly need all that room. But I’m not complaining.)

Insert rant about how I’ve never understood why some kids have queen beds like damn you’re a literal child, what do you need so much space for?

But I digress.

The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is…?

Go to the bathroom. And, if I’ve brought my phone with me, it usually takes me a while to get out of there because I get distracted looking at social media. Oops!

Do you dream every night?

I mean, we all do, don’t we? Wasn’t it scientifically proven that we just forget most of them? I thought I dreamt a lot, but then I switched to a new antidepressant and whoaaa so many dreams! And they’re so vivid, too! According to my psychiatrist, that’s a good sign because it means the meds are working.

What dream or nightmare do you remember most clearly?

I once had a dream about my brother and I running through a cornfield at my grandma’s farm… and somehow the corn looked like something you’d find on an alien world. Not really sure how to describe it. It wasn’t exactly a nightmare, but our dream-surroundings definitely felt “off.” It was years ago, but I still think about it. Actually, now I’m wondering how best to use it in a story…

What is your biggest dream?

What does this even mean? Like a personal goal of mine? I guess so, since I just answered a question about my actual dreams. My dreamy-dreams. Ummmm my biggest dream is to HAVE A GODDAMN WIFE and live with her in a tiny house filled with books and cats and succulents! Can’t wait for that! I’m going to do everything within my power to make it happen!


I’m tagging:

And as always, feel free to participate whether or not I tagged you. (Or ignore this tag, if you so choose.)


No matter what time zone you’re in… good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite!

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3 Responses to The I Love Sleep Tag

  1. I sleep the same way! Never can find it on those charts, its like, technically on my side but very leaning forwards so it is almost on my front…just wanted to say i relate to that!

  2. Ooh I like this tag, it’s very cool! Our cats used to keep waking us up in at around 5am because they wanted to be fed, so alas now they can’t come up to the bedrooms. But normally they come and sit in me in the morning which is very very good.

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