The Ouran High School Host Club Book Tag

Today’s tag is inspired by the first anime I ever watched, Ouran High School Host Club! My sophomore-year roommate, Bridget, convinced me to watch it and from there we’ve made our way through several other shows. While Ouran isn’t my favorite anime, it’s not one I can easily forget, either, since after all it was my introduction to the genre. (Keep reading to learn which one is my favorite!)

I stole this tag from Joana @Bookneeders. Hope she doesn’t mind!


theme song.

a misleading character

Gonna cheat just a wee bit and count the One Ring as a character! It leads countless, otherwise good people astray. Even though who manage to escape from its influence, such as Frodo and Bilbo, are forever changed and no longer feel at home in Middle-earth.


a character every other character loves

How can anyone hate Reepicheep? I mean, Eustace does at the beginning of the book but A) I reserve the right to distrust the judgement of someone with the name of Eustace Clarence Scrubb and B) even he comes around to the valiant little mouse in the end. Dawn Treader is my fave Chronicles of Narnia book partially bc Reepicheep plays such a large role!


a character who started a movement

Right away, I thought of the scene where Yossarian moans during a briefing, which causes the other soldiers to laugh and echo him, disrupting the meeting. Another character who fits the bill would be Milo Minderbinder, who builds a vast syndicate dealing in food, materiel, and other goods.

Neither character started particularly positive movements, I’m afraid, but… shh.


a character with parental issues

Luckily, Gregor doesn’t clash with his parents often… but he has issues all the same. For a start, his dad disappeared when he was nine, two years before the first book in the series begins. As a result, Gregor has to help his mom take care of his two younger sisters and ailing grandma. That’s a lot for ANYONE, let alone a not-yet-teenager, to handle.

kaoru & hikaru.

brotherly love

There are few fictional friendships I love more than the one shared by the four Aglionby boys – Ronan, Noah, Adam, and Gansey. I feel as though I knew them once… and now I miss them!


a character who is scary on the outside but a bundle of fluff on the inside

That describes most of the characters in this series, tbh – unless you hurt someone they love. If that happens, then WATCH OUT. Otherwise, though, I think they’d make for the very best friends, joking and loyal as they are.


a character who loves to eat

Who can forget Bruce Bogtrotter and his enormous chocolate cake? Matilda was one of the first novels I read on my own and I remember feeling utterly sick by the end of the scene at the thought of having to eat so much.

But I still love chocolate cake.


a tag-along character

Although Jomny is technically the protagonist, he somehow feels like the sidekick of his own story, forever trailing after the various inhabitants of Earth (who he believes are all “humabns”) as they go about their daily lives. Through drawings and bursts of text, we learn more about Jomny as he, in turn, learns about happiness, friendship, and this planet.


a character who likes the dark side

Aaaaah, I don’t want to give away the plot of the book, but let’s just say there is a MAJOR CHARACTER who is not what he seems. As I gradually learned what he was really up to and all that he’d done to get to the point he was at, I actually gasped out loud several times. A challenging book, but so so worth it in the end.


I’m tagging:

And as always, feel free to participate whether or not I tagged you. (Or ignore this tag, if you so choose.


Have you ever watched anime? Do you have a favorite? Any recommendations?

P.S. I must confess that my fav anime is Bananya, which is about a tiny cat who lives inside a banana and has super-short episodes! I wish I could say it was something a little more, um, highbrow, but I can’t help it. I love cats and pastel colors and soft things.

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