My Fave Study Music On YouTube | Part 4

I never intended to write a follow-up post to my two-part catalog of my favorite study music available on YouTube. And yet now here I am with the FOURTH installment??? There’s just so many good tunes out there.

Once again, I’m sharing music without lyrics because I can’t concentrate with so many words in my eardrums! Also, I focus on medleys, mixes, and ambient music, rather than entire soundtracks or scores… because the latter are a lot easier to find.


Never played Skyrim, but video game music is designed to aid concentration. This is a lovely ambient mix I like to listen to during, say, weekend morning study sessions!

Most fanmade suites I’ve found that feature music from only one movie aren’t all that long… because there just isn’t that much to include without reproducing the entire film score and running into copyright infringement issues! This one is nice and long, though, perfect for one study session – after which I can take a quick break to stretch, get something to drink, and find new music for the next session.

I love this score oh so much. Like the movie, it has some of the same humor + childlike joy as the original Harry Potter movies, but at the same time feels more grown-up, serious, and eerie.

Really looking forward to hearing what the composer, James Newton Howard, has to offer us in Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald!

I find this a really inventive mix because it combines movies not only from multiple genres and composers (Finding Nemo, Twilight: New Moon, The Danish Girl), but from the last thirty years or so as well… some of the Star Wars mixes I love do that as well, but obviously it’s a lot easier to make such a fanmix when you’re working within the same series or franchise!

Do you ever Academically Panic™? Yeah, me too. This video is super soothing… perfect to listen to while working on stressful projects. (Although maybe not so good for late-night sessions since I’m already pretty sleepy by then! I get up early lol.)

If you’ve read my previous YouTube study music posts, you may recognize the username Jorah the Andal! I absolutely LOVE their mixes; they’re all so creative + beautiful + seamlessly edited. Whether you’re reading, writing a paper, or solving equations, this music from Man of Steel will make even the most dull homework session sound about ten times more epic.


What music do you love listening to while you study? I’m always on the lookout for something new, so be sure to leave your recs (and while you’re at it, links to them too pls?) in the comments below!

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