Nevillegirl’s Family

Q: Why is nevillegirl so weird?

A: Genetics!

Mom is the nerdiest person nevillegirl knows. She has a very big brain filled with math and science facts. She can do complex math problems very quickly in her head whilst nevillegirl is still poking away at the calculator keys. As a child, Mom used to multiply large numbers in her head when she was bored. She has a weird sense of humor and does an excellent impersonation of Kermit the Frog.

Dad is surprisingly cool at times and surprisingly embarrassing at others. He and nevillegirl like some of the same music, and they both love to cook. He’s taught nevillegirl lots of stuff, like how to spray paint or how to use an Exacto knife without slicing your arm off. Sometimes he acts really weird, like when he sings along to dorky songs. But that’s mostly canceled out since he gives such good hugs.

This is not the face of a warrior. This is the face of a pony or a bunny or a cocker spaniel. Éomer does even better puppy dog eyes than Faramir, which is quite an achievement.

Quentin is a foot taller than her despite being a year younger, unfortunately. He does nice things for her such as getting things down from high shelves and rescuing her when she’s about to accidentally blow up something on the computer. Quentin’s main interests are computers, eating, computers, eating, computers, and eating. He doesn’t actually have long hair but nevillegirl is taking advantage of the fact that he doesn’t often look at her blog by posting a silly picture here. Quentin can do an excellent Voldemort impersonation that includes laughing creepily and honking like a duck. Oh, and Quentin isn’t his real name – he didn’t want that on here, so Quentin it is.

11 Responses to Nevillegirl’s Family

  1. krislivo1 says:

    The pictures are exactly how I imagine your family. Perfect.

  2. My what an interesting and diverse family you have. *grins* If I had to describe mine I’d say…

    My Mom’s Cinderella
    My-Step Dad her Frog Prince
    My Father… Oh Baloo (form Tale Spin) , the man loves to fly
    My Step-mother… she can feel like Cinderell’a Step-Mom, though I know she doesn’t mean to

    Sadly, though I now have six step-siblings I grew up with none of them, thus can’t equate them to anyone. :}

    Now, let’s see if I can subscribe to your bloggy thingy.

    • nevillegirl says:

      Haha, cool! I chose Amy Farrah-Fowler for my mom because they’re both nerdy, Snape for Dad because they’re both amazing and Dad said he’d grow Snape hair (minus greasiness :P) if he, er, had enough hair :P, and Seneca Crane for my brother because he’s smart and knows a lot about technology.

      It should be pretty easy; just type your email into the subscribing thing. I should know. I’ve done it several times by accident. Yes, I have subscribed to my own blog – several times. *facepalms*

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  4. orphu44 says:

    …In spite of the fact that I’ve read this before, this time I somehow missed the comma between “eating” and “computers,” making Quentin’s interests seem rather more … unique.

  5. TomBoy says:

    Hahaha! Your About is great as is this entry about your family. Thank you for sharing your posts.

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