#AmCurrently | Feeling Thankful, Listening To Ambient Music, & Growing My Hair Out (Maybe)

Hi everyone! How’s life been treating you lately? I know I’ve been enjoying the short break from school: I’m not exactly overjoyed to return to school in less than forty-eight hours, but the time off was definitely needed for my continued sanity. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately!

P.S. You can find my previous #amcurrently posts here.


This month, I’ve been posting on Facebook about what I’m grateful for, using the hashtag #30daysofthanks. Admittedly, some days I get caught up doing other things (reading!), but I always make sure to go back and catch up on the days I missed. I kept a gratitude journal earlier this year but accidentally took a break that has stretched on far longer than I would like, so this has been a nice way of easing back into that habit. There’s just SO MUCH I’m thankful for: My best friend, tea, sunny mornings, seeing my brother for the first time since August, quiet evenings spent writing.


Uhhhhhh a strange amalgam of books, that’s what.

A huge stack of picture books – both ones from my TBR and ones that I grabbed from the shelves in the children’s section because they looked interesting.

Not Funny Ha-Ha by Leah Hayes, a graphic novel about abortion that was brief but FANTASTIC.

And last but not least, The Lonely Soldier: The Private War of Women Serving in Iraq by Helen Benedict, which I’m reading for a huge huge hUGE analytical paper I’m writing about sexual assault in the military for my Writing & War class. (I’ve been thinking about posting it here when I’m all done. Would anyone be interested in that?)


LOVING this mix, which came up as recommended on YouTube. I’ve been a big fan of their Lord of the Rings mix, which is about two years old at this point, so I was happy to see that they’ve made new ones for The Hobbit, Harry Potter, et cetera. I have a loooot of essay-writing ahead of me but it’s nothing I can’t face without a large, steaming mug of tea and some film scores.


Such as:

  • Stuff I need to do before I head back to school (…AKA laundry, siiiiiiiigh)
  • A finals week study plan (well, studying + writing + working on projects)
  • Christmas presents to buy for friends & family
  • 2018 New Year’s resolutions
  • Books to tackle right away next year


I’m growing my hair out! I think! Who knows, it might get so shaggy and annoying that I just decide to chop it off again. But I’m gonna try to stick it out. I love having short hair and definitely plan to cut it again, but think I’d like to have shoulder-ish-length hair. Like, google the artist Shura and that’s about the hair length I want???


Hope you’ve been doing well! What’s new with you?

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2 Responses to #AmCurrently | Feeling Thankful, Listening To Ambient Music, & Growing My Hair Out (Maybe)

  1. orphu44 says:

    Heyy, growing hair out! I feel like such a trendsetter. (Yes, I’m counting it as a trend just because you might do it. And me as a “setter” of said trend just because I’m already growing my hair out.)
    I hope you have a good end of semester!

  2. Shanti says:

    It sounds like your life is busy and fulfilling, which is a good way to be! I’m also growing my hair out–I want to dye the bottom half blue when I’m in Malaysia in December and then cut it off when I’m sick of it and still have a decent amount of hair left haha. I love it when I’m reading a strange mix of books. I’m reading a classic Australian YA book, Queen Kat, Carmel, and St. Jude get a life and also Landmarks which is about language and landscape at the same time. At the moment I’m feeling good about being almost almost done with my NaNo novel and excited for uni in New Zealand but sad about leaving India.
    (also ps, I saw the tags you tagged me in! thanks! I will do them at some point!)

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