August 2011 NaBloPoMo: 10 Things I Really Like About McKenzie

I didn’t like the NaBloPoMo prompt for today, so I found my own:

“Describe 10 things you really like about someone you know.”

I chose my friend McKenzie!

10 Things I Really Like About McKenzie

  1. She loves to read and so do I, so we always have lots to talk about.
  2. She’s funny.
  3. She’s smart (no wonder Hermione is her favorite character in Harry Potter).
  4. She likes the Harry Potter books!
  5. She’s nerdy (and I think nerdy people are cool).
  6. She’s really nice.
  7. I like her laugh.
  8. She says weird things.
  9. She recommends some really good books to me (Inkheart, for example).
  10. We do very fun things together. Or at least fun things for nerds to do, like talking about books, doing Homeschool Field Day together, and did I mention talking about books?
McKenzie and I at Field Day
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3 Responses to August 2011 NaBloPoMo: 10 Things I Really Like About McKenzie

  1. Maralyn says:

    Great pic of you guys! What was the original ‘lame’ topic of the day?

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