First Reactions To The “Game Of Thrones” Season Five TV Trailer

I’M SO EXCITED! Why? Because the fifth season of Game of Thrones begins tomorrow!

So I’m going to be super-fangirly and do a reaction post for one of the trailers, as I have so often done in the past with other TV shows and movies. As far as I know, there are two trailers for season five. I’ll be talking about the second one, “The Wheel,” because… because I think it’s super awesome and much better than the first one. (More on that later.) If you’re interested, though, you can find trailer #1 here.


P.S. You can find my earlier film trailer reaction posts here.

Warning: Spoilers ahead! Read/watch at your own risk!

0:01 – AAAAAH IT’S SO PRETTY! I would totally move to King’s Landing… if it weren’t filled with corruption and horrible people, that is.


0:09 – I suddenly remembered why I miss watching this show so much: SO MANY BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. Omg, Melisandre. Gah.


0:12 – Daenerys may not be my favorite character, but that doesn’t mean I’m not proud of her. LOOK AT YOU, BEING ALL GROWN-UP AND POWERFUL AND INTIMIDATING.

0:14 – I approve of this butt-kicking. I’m questioning the bright blue and bright yellow outfits, though.


0:19 – Oh my god, I thought that was Joffrey and I freaked out for a second. But it’s Tommen, so that’s good. He’s a sweetheart.

0:21 – FOREVER LAUGHING AT HOW IRRITATED CERSEI ALWAYS LOOKS. Chill, lady. Stop glaring at everyone.

0:23 – Would Dany wear this many delicate-looking, bright-white clothes if she didn’t have slaves to do everything for her, including her laundry? I doubt it. I doubt it very much.

0:25 – OW.

0:27 – Well, if it isn’t everyone’s favorite moody bro, Jon.

0:31 – OMG THIS IS LEGITIMATELY MY FAVORITE SCENE OF THE WHOLE TRAILER: TYRION AND THE DRAGON. KDGJHDKGHSFDJKHGD. Because that’s what I would look like if I saw a dragon. Also, I need a dragon. As a pet.

0:33 – That looks suspiciously like Ramsay Bolton, kissing someone. THAT’S DISGUSTING GET AWAY FROM HIM WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING?! HE’S EVIL AND CRUEL.

0:36 – Wow, I’ve used sooooo much caps lock already. Hmmm. Anyway, thanks, Dany. That was an AWESOME monologue. (Oh look, here I go again…)


0:39 – My sexual orientation: Melisandre’s face in this scene.

0:45 – I have a love/hate relationship with Stannis Baratheon.

0:49 – STOP SAYING “WINTER IS COMING,” JON. WE KNOW. How could we not? You’ve been telling us for the past four seasons. Honestly.

0:56 – A… golden dragon? Thingy?

0:58 – Arya! Yay!


1:10 – [Insert scene after scene of senseless violence here]

1:14 – Those are really cool masks but, like… SO MUCH VIOLENCE. WHY. Why can’t you all just get along?! Hug and make up, people, hug and make up.

1:19 – …Arianne Martell?! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

1:22 – Ah, I see Tyrion has perfect the “sad kicked puppy” look.


1:37 – Dragons! Aaaaaaand that’s a wrap.


ALL RIGHT, THAT WAS AWESOME. I… generally don’t like Dany’s monologues? Or more accurately, I don’t like how they’re always used in the trailers. She ALWAYS does the dramatic voice-over thingy, and it’d be nice to hear from some other characters once in a while. But this trailer? This was awesome. I LOVED her monologue here, with its analogy about the warring houses and the spokes of a wheel. Dare I say that this is the most badass trailer yet?

Other than that, well, this trailer made me about fifty gazillion times more excited for season five than I already was. I can’t wait to meet Arianne Martell! And the Sand Snakes! (Basically I am excited for ALL THINGS DORNISH.) I’m excited to see where Tyrion’s journey will take him (I haven’t read book five yet, so I have no idea what he’ll be doing!), and I can’t wait to see more of Dany’s story, too.

I’m looking forward to seeing SO MANY GORGEOUS LADIES too, ha ha. (Marry me, Margaery Tyrell!) Ooh, and I can’t wait for more scenes with Cersei, too! Her POV chapters were probably my favorite part of A Feast for Crows simply because we’d never gotten inside her head before and seeing her (usually paranoid and twisted) view of events was fascinating.

Basically I am just really excited for Game of Thrones.


Also, apparently season five will cover the events of both the fourth and fifth books? This amuses me, because book three had to be split into two seasons in order to include all of the plots and subplots. A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons take place at the same time, though, but deal with characters in two different geographical regions. (The west/south and north/east, respectively.) Because George R.R. Martin couldn’t fit that particular chunk of the story into one book!

I’m uncertain if season five will cover all the events of those two books, however, and the Internet has been no help to me in this regard. (Thanks for nothing, Google!) I mean… that’s a lot of plot to cover, isn’t it? I honestly can’t see how they’ll fit that into one season. Maybe some of the story will be told in season six. Who knows? At any rate, Martin recently announced that it the show will inevitably catch up to the books: There is no way he can write fast enough to ensure that the show won’t end before the books do.


If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that last fall I co-reviewed the eighth series of Doctor Who with a bunch of other bloggers. I will not be doing that for this coming season of Game of Thrones, and I won’t be writing reviews of the show on my own, either.

I don’t think I will have the time for it and besides, I haven’t caught up on the series yet. I still have yet to finish book four, A Feast for Crows, and have not even begun A Dance with Dragons. If I WERE going to write reviews it would be super important to me to compare and contrast the books and the show; however, I don’t feel that I will be able to do this at the moment. I need to finish reading all the books in this series that have been published so far!

That’s not to say that I won’t write anything about season five, though, because I might – I’m just not committing myself to reviewing the season. But hey, maybe I’ll start watching and feel inspired to write something about a character. Or an event. Or maybe even an entire episode, but definitely – DEFINITELYnot all of them.

For what it’s worth, the lovely, fandom-y blog Feminist Fiction posted awesome reviews of each episode last year, and I loved them. (Yay for anti-misogyny, pro-Sansa reviews!) I also recommend Lady Geek Girl And Friends – they don’t write nearly as many posts about the show, but anything they do post about is SUPER RAD. (Whoo!) And finally, my friend Matt @ The Little Engine That Couldn’t wrote some absolutely hilarious reviews last season, so you should all go check out his blog because he is the awesomest. (“IT IS KNOWN, KHALEESI!”)


What’s your opinion of this trailer for Game of Thrones, season five? (And while we’re at it, what’s your opinion of the OTHER trailer?!) Who/what are you most excited to see in this upcoming season? I’d love to know!

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6 Responses to First Reactions To The “Game Of Thrones” Season Five TV Trailer

  1. orphu44 says:

    Was /this/ what you were watching when I asked what you were looking at and you said irritated Cersei?
    Also everything looks so pretty in the show?? Oh my goodness. That’s like 90% of what I got out of the trailer because I’m shallow.

    • nevillegirl says:

      Yes. Yes, it was. 🙂 CALM DOWN, CERSEI. My god, she looks irritated even when other people are being nice and perfectly normal.

      (Also, there are SO many pretty people on this show! Gah. Like, I have like the biggest crush on Cersei’s actress, and Jaime’s actor is sooooo handsome aaaah I cannot even. LANNISTERS ARE UNFAIRLY BEAUTIFUL.)

  2. matttblack42 says:

    Woo! Nothing like being unexpectedly mentioned in a blog post to put you in a good mood. Thanks a lot.*

    I’ve heard that not only will the show be covering books four and five, but also a little of book 6, which isn’t even out yet. *frustrated sobs* I am so conflicted right now.

    Also, I think you’re being a little too hard on Ramsay right now. He’s actually a bit of a softy once you get to know him.

    *It occurs to me that this may have sounded sarcastic, and possibly have given off the impression that I’m actually annoyed with you for doing so. Rest assured I was being sincere. In fact I think I may have fistpumped when you menitoned me. Or maybe I didn’t (my memory’s hazy), but it definitely put a smile on my face.

    • nevillegirl says:

      Pffft, I didn’t think it sounded sarcastic – I’m used to your sense of humor, so. 😛

      Oh, really? I thought they were saving the book 6 stuff for season 6! Ughhhh. Oh, well. I’M STILL EXCITED.

      Perhaps. Maybe he’s just misunderstood? He’s not REALLY a cruel person at heart, he just tortures and flays people because he has no friends. Or something like that.

      • matttblack42 says:

        Oh, thank goodness.

        I think he just doesn’t realize how much flaying hurts. One day he’s going to be all, “hm, I wonder how this feels. Ow! Oh God, is that what I’ve been doing to people this whole time?” He will then apologize to Theon and go on to become a septon.

    • nevillegirl says:

      He’s just not very good at that whole “bonding with others” thing, is he?

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