The 30-Day Blogging Challenge, Day 23: A Way In Which I Want To Be Remembered

  • Day 23: A way in which you want to be remembered.

I would like to be an author (in addition to many other things), and I want to be remembered through my writing.

I think if you write down your thoughts, opinions, ideas, and stories, you will never really be gone. (Unless your writing is destroyed, that is…) Other people can still be inspired or moved by your writing, and it can still make them think, even years after you are gone.  There is no material way to achieve immortality, such as Horcruxes or the Philosopher’s Stone, but writing is definitely a real way to live forever.

“I don’t want to have lived in vain like most people. I want to be useful or bring enjoyment to all people, even those I’ve never met. I want to go on living even after my death!”

-Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl

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